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English expert considers a country to talk about English study method
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Although I am full-time researcher, but I am English teacher above all. I like teach school, because such I can have a lot of students. I consider the experience according to me now, communicate a few common errors that I think English study is medium with everybody.

The first error becomes 5 kinds of skill study namely understand onefoldly. Everybody knows our customarily discloses English study into 5 skill, hear read write interpret. Such decomposing scientific, in this for the moment no matter, have many learner often whether to understand regard as the standard of study. E.g. , take teaching material of a spoken language, turn over a few pages to look, understood, think the person is simple, improper to oneself. The mistake here is understand replaced can say. Understand differ to say at meeting. Exercise spoken language, content cannot difficult, the purpose is to pass a few content that can understand to drill " able to read aloud fluently " . That is to say, the purpose is to let learner adopt a practice, oneself can speak the relevant content in the book. The actor bad of colloquial teaching material should see a language whether can be acquired above all, pure.

The 2nd error is regard knowledge as skill. Make an example, if you think,learn to ride a bicycle. I cry to eye of your one the subject " how to ride a bicycle " book, bear the book after all from the beginning, even know sth thoroughly. At this moment you had expert class about the knowledge that how rides a bicycle. But you won't ride for certain. The reason is not be simple intellectual question by bicycle, it is a skill above all. Want to learn a skill, core problem is experienced, light has book learning is no good. Learn a foreign language more complex than learning to want by bicycle of course much, but it also is a skill above all, it is far insufficient that light sees syntactic book, silent carry a word on the back. Must drill, want to turn knowledge into skill. Know to differ how to be done at knowing. Know how to be done differ to be done at be being met actually. From know how to accomplish real conference to do among have a link that practices repeatedly, suffer from kongfu namely. Learning the principle that skill place follows is " in doing, must learn " .

The 3rd error is crash psychology. Must realise, want to learn English, a hard work cannot. Adult of foreign country of the neither one on the world does not issue hard work to be able to learn English. So called " crash " pure belong to eyewash. Learn English to do not have shortcut, methodical stand or fall. Remember English word for instance, low head is spelling life ground to write from memory, this is not a tweak. Good method is aloud is recited, train pronunciation organ and ear repeatedly, it is sound inscription in brain. Can raise audition already so, can improve spoken language to articulate again, still remembered a word. Writing from memory was to train eye and hand only, but they cannot replace you,listen and say.
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