English English training market enthusiasm hot Yinchuan
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Existing private English training school in Yinchuan more than 30, however, when the school year, the door will always crowds of English courses, owned at least come to "study" of the parents and students. English training market in the warm hot and parents " High "over the summer. A parent in an interview said: "The English in their studies, further study the role of promotion can not be ignored, and the children learn English best ages 4 to 12 years old, so parents do not want their children each In Lost on the starting line, register for English courses to become a must. "The reporter then called the parents as an English as training institutions, the telephone, inquired about the tuition thing. The other party answers, they are granted "Cambridge Young Learners English" textbook, divided into four levels. 8 hours a month, tuition is 80 yuan, if one can offer to pay a quarter. It is understood that a few months ago, Yinchuan, a leading English language training school has a monthly fee from 80 yuan to 100 yuan, adding that prices have gone up, tuition has gone up so. Followed by a telephone interview with education in Ningxia One person at the Office of titles, he said, the implementation of private English training is the territorial management, fees are their own price, mainly to see the body when to approve the funds, teachers and other hardware devices. In recent years, more English language training institutions to do more business opportunities behind the natural parents of the children's enthusiasm for learning English and sustenance.