Cold case of high-end English training in Jiangmen
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High-end English training for its "foreign small classes, class time independent, first-class learning environment" and other features that many of inviting people in the workplace, although expensive, but in Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities into various English training institutions still have to seize the Highland. However, in Jiangmen, though, this year, a hot adult English training market, but high-end English training market has always been calm. It is understood that the majority of language classes Jiangmen training institutions are not set up high-end English training programs, although some institutions have set up IELTS classes, English language training abroad, but the prices have made considerable adjustments are mainly English language training abroad focus on everyday language training. And frequently takes the high-end English training on the million compared to regular English language training, English training and other business groups in the low-end English training is still the more popular Jiangmen market training programs. Difficult high-end English training classes Recently, I visited the investigation revealed that the majority of English language training institutions in Jiangmen year with a new concept, English, business English, business groups and other conventional English courses in English. The training target groups are mainly some English beginners or have some basic English learners, training, class size is 15-40 people ranging from 400-1000 yuan in cost, in the English language training market is only in the low-end consumer. In 2007, Jiangmen Jiangmen Modern Education Training Centre and the Vocational and Technical College Continuing Education IELTS training programs have been introduced, promising study is the growing population of Jiangmen, but less than two years, the two agencies are often unable to recruit due to a the students were eventually suspended IELTS training programs. The Meeting Point English is IELTS in 2009 began to set up training courses, using the number of its annual enrollment in Jiangmen, the biggest advantage, to further broaden its product line of training, and now only four classes a year to open it. According to the Center for propaganda kero introduction, the agency has opened an interactive English, Workplace English, business groups in English, English courses, individual training programs, these projects can be opened for each of several classes, as IELTS special training to several months to cobble together a squad Moreover, compared to the IELTS training center in Guangzhou, the high tuition fees, only charge 2,980 yuan / courses, including 98 hours, count less than 30 dollars a class, far from high end. Majia in Jiangmen foreign language course fees than other foreign language training has been high, the memory of their special training classes in English words have a certain reputation in Jiangmen, but it is enough to wait until summer, when the number of classes. Less training target population Lead to market small space It is understood that people who attend English Jiangmen most useful psychological hold the hope that by learning English, improve their listening and speaking level to meet the needs of the work to achieve the purpose of promotion or pay rise, so the formation of the market of the main practical adult English English, to provide guidance to the examination of English and teaching English language training for enterprises with the three styles of each type of training. Ma Jia Jie Ming Mok foreign language that led to the current high-end English training market suffered Jiangmen cold for two main reasons: first, structural features and Jiangmen personnel directly related to high-end English training because most of the target population is mainly white-collar job, Jiangmen competitive pressures in the workplace is relatively small, white-collar workers is relatively easy passes, leading to high-end English training market, small space. Second, around the town, Jiangmen and more geographically dispersed, in a real claim to a large scale within the city limits, do a few brands of English training, the entire English language training market is the lack of a atmosphere. Even if the individual would like to take part in such high-end training of people, more willing to choose to go to Guangzhou or Shenzhen, therefore, Jiangmen many organizations because of the lack of what I end training students. High-end English training Not suitable for everyone Mok Ming Jie said, just to expensive to define the high-end English training is not comprehensive, but should focus on training institutions and services of the school qualifications. High-end English training have a special education model, such as tailored for students course content, self-study time arrangements, all foreign teachers in small classes, excellent teaching environment, the environment, these high-end English training is the real meaning lies learners in the choice of training institutions can not simply price as a yardstick, but should be taken into account various factors. However, some experts said the high-end training is not for everyone, although many institutions have all advertised their English teacher and pure environment, but want to take advantage of these resources, learners must consider their level of English. Only a certain amount of words and to master basic conversation skills, the training will be effective.