The Best Thing: The thing with best throughout history
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Describe with English when us " the thing with best throughout history " when, may say This Is The Best Thing In The History. Actually, slangy The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread just is the purest argument.

Original, before 1928, the biscuit that offers on American market is whole had not been cut, because be cut beforehand piece biscuit can change very quickly flavour, do not have a law to keep fresh. Buy biscuit to be returned so that he starts work cut, this brought many troubles to a lot of people, office worker that drives time especially. Fortunately, " the most lovely inventor " appeared, the Otto Luoweideer that he comes from Iowa namely (Otto Rohwedder) . Er of collect Wei heart spent time of 13 years to design and improve his invention, made a kind of 10 feet long choiceness device eventually, can cut biscuit into even chip to install stencil to wrap bagging in. Arrived 1933, the biscuit that offers on American market 80 % are section biscuit, er of collect Wei heart also was record in annals from now on.

Later, the American that rumbles when empty stomach is when growing dragon of toast machine in front of, they perhaps can close an eye, smell wears devouringly to just gave the sweet smell of the toast of furnace, at the same time pharynx saliva thinks at the same time: "Is there still better than just giving the section biscuit of furnace thing on the world? " really, tangent plane charter flight can let people not needing the slightest effort can eat on off-the-peg delicious biscuit, for the American that enjoys the life to paying attention to, is this kind of machine sacred give " best gift " ?