Honeycomb: Honeycomb
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We know, the bee is the most brillant architect, their mew room modelling is peculiar, the structure is clever, can weighs magical crude structure. Honeycomb have a lot of English names, for instance Honeycomb, apiary and Beehive, among them Honeycomb lets a person look to be able to associate to aromatic and melting honey, the past history that it reads in light of us.

Be in early controlled 1050, honeycomb appears in ancient English, it is Comb (comb) a kind of special usage. Comb results from of ancient time Aryan, express at first " tooth " . Arrived the Christian era 700 years, comb is used to express inchoate " the tool that combs a hair " , because " a dentate tooth " be similar to today's comb from appearance and function. Later, comb still had " cockscomb " meaning, may bright red cockscomb looks to go up like cock head insert a comb!

Why to mix as to the comb honeycomb hanged a hook, basis " Oxford English dictionary " conjectural, the likelihood is honeycomb not be by together piece alone " candle board " make, be linked together cheek by jowl by countless candle board however comprise each hexagonal room room, just formed tectonic essence small honeycomb. This kind of exact structure lets person couplet very easily think of to arrange close together combing to age, and Honey shows here deposit is worn again golden honey, so Honeycomb is used to express honeycomb. Because concern jointly, the Comb that concerns with apian it doesn't matter originally repeatedly also had " honeycomb " meaning.