Jackanapes: Proud and rude person, proud fellow
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If someone calls you Jackanapes, you can be gotten differentiate well, he is those who take you is mischievous and lovely joke, be still the act style that cannot bear the sight of you?

Allegedly, jackanapes comes from mediaeval English Jack Napis, the heart of · of first-class and ducal Williams that is Fu Kejun of Sa of the eastpart part of 15 centuries England pulls pineapple (William De La Pole) byname. Although Williams duke is a person that has ascendancy and place very much, but people speaks to his and scoff at never break down passes. Because,this basically is his familial it is England promotes to a high office the earliest from mercantile estate a batch of people of aristocratic estate, be by the English satirize that values blood relationship of one's previous experience very much at that time so " upstart parvenu " . Apparent, familial choice accepts Williams a feudal title of nobility conferred for meritorious service is in at that time is malapropos, enrol a person to mock like the monkey that is worn by cord fasten.

At that time, pet monkey or simian one is called Jack Napes individually, jack is the commonly used name in English, likewise applicable to person and animal, for instance jackass (Jackass) with jack-tar (Jack Tar) . The play that Nape may be pair of Ape says, because a lot of pet are simian at that time,also may be it is from Naples (Naples) carry goes to England.

Since everybody does not like Williams duke at that time, the nickname that takes Jack Napes to him then is no wonder also. Jack Napes develops gradually later for Jackanapes, express " proud and rude person, proud fellow, mischievous child or apes and monkeys " .

Finally, the Williams that pours lintel is ducal by kingly Henry 6 worlds threw a head, of course, king always has than " have nickname " the dissatisfaction that direct and effective method will come to convey his.