Cabbage Night: Halloween
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All of us knows famous Halloween Halloween, can do you know what kind ofly some call the eve of Halloween the law?

Halloween was on October 31, in Kaierte be equivalent to in the old Chinese calendar " the New Year's Eve " . In the United States, Canada and Ying Lun Zhu Dao, children are wearing all sorts of bizarre and interesting dress, carry a mask or make up thick, walk along the home to string together door accept entertainment, do some of mischief to celebrate this red-letter day. Halloween calls Zhu Shengjie eve again, because the basis is Catholic doctrinal, november 1 is Zhu Shengjie (All Saints Day, all Hallows Day Or Hallomass) , later was All Souls'Day on November 2 (All Souls Day) , say to chase after again think red-letter day of the person that die. Hallow traceable Halig (the ancient English form of Holy) , and the abbreviation that Halloween is All Hallows Even actually, allegedly the dead's soul can visit the place that they often go to before one's death that day.

The eve of Halloween, namely on October 30, the American that loves to play love to be troubled by was can'ted restrain early. Be in many places of the United States, people prepares all sorts of toys and game early, began them " mischievous night " (A Night For Tricks And Pranks) , a little impatient dot also beats the entrance door of neighbour home noisy early, begin " cadge " food. In American the eastpart part certain zone, people calls this day Devil's Night or Mischief Night (in Mixiegen the Detroit of the city is taken, devil's Night created terrible arson convention unfortunately still. ) in American the eastpart part other area is mixed ministry of Chinese and Western, people still called on October 30 Trick Night, corn Night, tick-Tack Night or Goosy Night. In addition, northeastern one belt, be like Xin Zexi, still have the view of Cabbage Night.

Lei Bradury of science fiction writer (Ray Bradbury) the masterpiece that published 1962 " blackart is n/COL the head of a family " (Something Wicked This Way Comes) had mentioned Cabbage Night. This word may appear the earliest in 20 centuries initial stage, as to why should represent this one day with cabbage, because the mischievous children in the festival like to take,the likelihood is " good in quality and cheap in price " cabbage will make a practical joke, the juice that use food comes daub glass, perhaps beat cabbage in the doorway of neighbour, make a depressing thump come gally person; Pour cankered cabbage leaf in the victim's lanai even, make send out piece smelly breathe out the flavour that breathe out.

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