Daren bilingual: English learners choose a second foreign
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I believe you asked the students to learn English, which language is the world's largest language, taking into account the size and widely used global distribution of degrees, then everyone will answer in English - Yes, then the second one? English in the United United States is the first to speak the language, however, has designated the first written language is French, is worthy of the world's second language. This is why, for English learners, French is definitely worthy of recommendation as a second foreign election Optional. English VS. French: similarity Learn a second foreign to what kind of proficiency, needs vary, such as PubMed for English speaking students, of course, it is best to choose one close to the English themselves, easy to learn and master the language; French And English similarity Gaobu Gao it? First, a large number of English words come from French, so there are many words not spelled the same, meaning the same, such as conversation, solitude, question, nation, etc. Etc.; Second, we can learn English with French roots to affixes, as French evolved from the Latin, do not want to learn Latin etymology, can be French, as la mort (death) - mort-table Said "death" of the root (mortality); venir (come) - ven-that "the arrival and assembly," the root (convention); la terre (earth) - terre means "earth" in the root (terrestrial) . English VS. French: Mutual Mutual reflected in what areas? The main point is that many of us late in the high-level exposure to English vocabulary, the French will learn very early on, such as the French "breathe" respirer - English The respiration / respire / respiratory, which is medical terminology; also mentioned above, root learning is another. Similarly, there are many English directly from French in the vocabulary used, such as the rendez- vous: dating; déjà vu: familiar; cliché: stereotypes; têtê-à-têtê: Cuxitanxin, and so on. In reading some classics too often when we see the use of French words, such as Oscar Wilde Work - a modern term for pulling a couple of sentences in English that is equipped with a range of children in French literary tone necessary equipment, but also correctly read out the names of various French brands such as Chanel, Lancôme, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Lacoste and so on. English VS. French: differences Some people say that learning Spanish almost without learning Portuguese, because the high degree of similarity between the two, but the English and French, although there are all these similarities and mutual aid, the difference is quite large. I believe a little understanding French students are complaining about why the French verb modification so many adjectives to be split by terms of singular and plural and so on, which really is the French side of the expression of complex syntax - but also its degree of precision and rigor Reflected. Why the United Nations will be written in French as a first language, French language, this is because the absolute rigor is essential to the writing of official documents. Any language has its own characteristics and charm, French charm is in its very strict rules and syntax, tense, and modification, standardization, and no changes will occur in the minor. This is why people say that early exposure to French would find tedious, but the stage had started The easier it will be more after school. So, want to learn a second foreign students can be considered under the French Oh well - at least in the sigh C'est la vie (That's Life) at the time also the most authentic tone of voice sigh out! In addition, the law Language I love you, je t'aime, say it is good to hear.