Shenzhen is the first sign of English learning institutions
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Classroom reporter learned from the Mai Khao, Mai Khao Classroom is the first sign of Shenzhen English learning institutions. Institutions, founder of Xia Yu told reporters: "The reason I started learning English concept of contract, because many students in learning English paid a high cost, but students can really learn too little, and I want to take this idea to students more of a guarantee. We can English language training as an ordinary commodity, it has its own price, value and measure, we first introduce a third party is now the standard set for students to value themselves, if not up to standard, We will unconditionally full refund. " Agencies to implement the 10 small class, the purpose is to ensure that teachers understand and record each student classroom performance and learning consultant course accompanied with learning, clear learning methods, how to learn and progress. "As long as adult students into standard or IELTS 6 students to aim for a score as the standard contract, we will not meet the standard refund Yi Gai." Body off the teacher told reporters.